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Туристическое агентство «BangTur» является партнером крупнейших туроператоров России и предлагает профессиональный подбор туров по всему миру.

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Вы можете отправить нам заявку на подбор тура или связаться с менеджерами по телефону. После обработки Вашей заявки, мы предложим лучшие варианты путевок.

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Оплата производится непосредственно туроператору, который будет обслуживать Вас во время отдыха, задача нашего турагентства в консультировании и подборе наиболее подходящего варианта для путешествия.

Мы работаем в крупнейших городах, таких как Архангельск, Барнаул, Белгород, Владивосток, Волгоград, Воронеж, Екатеринбург, Иркутск, Казань, Калининград, Кемерово, Краснодар, Красноярск, Минеральные Воды, Москва, Мурманск, Нижневартовск, Нижнекамск, Нижний Новгород, Новокузнецк, Новосибирск, Омск, Оренбург, Пермь, Ростов-на-Дону, Самара, Санкт-Петербург, Сургут, Сыктывкар, Томск, Тюмень, Улан-Удэ, Ульяновск, Уфа, Хабаровск и Челябинск.

The Vodka Tour: Russian Drinking Customs and History with Museum visit

A major part of Russian traditions and customs involves the use of alcohol. This is not caused by a sole wish to get intoxicated. The national drink of Vodka first and foremost allows the «opening up» of the famed «Russian Soul» and for the typically reserved Russian people to show and share deep feelings and emotions.

Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev, a famous national author, once remarked that Russia cannot be understood with the mind alone. It is very true. In order to understand Russia, you need to experience it, to feel it and to partake in it.

This is what we attempt to show you in 8 hours of experience packed full of culture and tradition. This exciting day will include drinking lessons, a variety of traditional foods over two delicious meals outside, a visit to the famed Vodka museum and more. And yes, lots of Vodka and other traditional. By the end of the tour you will be both a hard liquor and a Russian Culture expert!

We will begin the tour by the metro station “Partizanskaya” where the English speaking local guide will lead you to a table with traditionally Russian snacks and alcohols like Perviak, Samogon, Polugar and others to sample in a picturesque setting by a lake where the emperor Peter the Great first thought about creating the Russian Navy.

Later we will walk to the nearly located Izmailocki Kremlin, a beautiful show of carpentry and artisanship that will give you a very good idea of what life in Russia was like in the 1600s.

This is also where we will find the Vodka Museum. The museum has over 1500 showpieces that tell the story of Vodka since it’s birth in Moscow in the 1400s and it’s interconnectedness with Russian Culture.

Following the museum we will head over to another lake for a traditional feast in the nearby forest. We will be greeted with foray of traditional meals, delicacies and vodka.

The guide will teach you how to taste vodka, the fine art of toasting, the intricacies of properly taking a shot and much much more!

The tour takes about 8 hours.

Inlcuded in price: English speaking guide, museum and park entrances, all drinks and food provided.

Not Included: transport to and from the metro station “Partizanskaya”, souvenirs.